How to buy zynga poker chips at

Hi there,
If you new at buying zynga poker chips at our site, there's something that you should know.
Ok lets start with our explanation below.

1. What is package

Here we provide some packages that contain various zynga chips quantity, so you can choose the package that you want. Each packages contain some free bonuses.

2. Payment Method

We are globaly zynga poker chips trader, so we use US$ as the currency.
So how you will pay the package that you want? its easy, you can use some virtual payment such as:

3. How the chips delivered?

Its simple, for fast transaction purpose, we use teamviewer to remote your computer directly and the chips transfered quickly.

4. I understand and i want to purchase the package now

So you want to purchase the chips? Let me guide you how to purchase :

  • Pick the package that you want
  • Pick which payment that you want to use (read point 2)
  • Chat our customer support and tell us which package you want and what payment you will use
  • Pay the package using virtual payment
  • After you pay, give us your teamviewer ID and password
  • While we remote your computer directly, you can wait until the proccess finished
  • Done!!! you get the chips in less minutes.

Its so easy huh? so what you waiting for? buy now!!!